The origins and the beginning of the Universe

A question that kneads the humanity, formulated in different forms could be: “What was at the beginning?”. According to each person’s beliefs and culture, we can find an answer. If for a part of the humanity “The word” existed in the first place, for the western people the Universe got born through an explosion. This way the Big Bang theory has appeared.
Taoist though about the appearance of Universe
Taoist though tells us that at the beginning there was the “mu chi” (meaning a state of nothing), and then there were yin and yang (tai chi is the first step of civilization). In the “mu chi” state, white and black, man and woman, happiness and suffering, beautiful and bad, it all began to make sense.
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang is found in all Chinese beliefs, traditions, practices and superstitions. Yin represents the negative principle, while Yang is the positive one. Together they govern the human existence. Chinese consider these two opposite energies but also combined, because they cannot be separated one from each other. Only together they symbolize a perfect harmony. Each symbol has the shape of a tear and inside there’s a black and a white point which reveal that these are always changing, even when they interact. These two elements cannot be completely separated.
Tao – the way – the principle of celestial and terrestrial harmony
Yin and Yang together make Tao – The Way that marks the eternal principle of harmony between Sky and Earth. In the center there’s the human being and this way it can be explained the trinity sky-human being-Earth
We end up concluding that Yin and Yang (Tai Chi) represents the first step for understanding things in the Universe.