Destiny – Luck – Feng Shui – Charity – Education
There are two important schools for Chinese astrology:
– “The Four Pillars of the Destiny” (Ba Zi), a system of analyzing the pillars of our destiny
– ,,Calculation Method fate after purple constellation” (Ziwei Doushu)
When we talk about one of the Chinese metaphysics subjects (Feng Shui, The fourth columns of the destiny, I Ching) we cannot study or analyze only one of it, without making reference to the other two. The same thing happens in this article where we discuss about Chinese astrology and human being’s destiny.

Chinese astrology reveals the determined destiny

Chinese astrology reveals the determined destiny or the heavenly luck, but Feng Shui is strictly tight up with the chi energy of the Earth or the earthly luck. A specialist in Feng Shui takes a look on the native chart of its client when he analyzes the energetic map of a house. He wants to know what kind of heavenly luck does that person own in the year he or she gets Feng Shui consultancy and what kind of element is the client. Karma is very important in this domain.

You must be aware of two things: destiny and free will

Do you know what the free will is? If you have the will, then you’re free to do what you want. That is how the free will sounds. This means you have the right to choose (or to be chosen, as some may say) and to choose your own path in life. You’re allowed to express your opinion, to do what you want, go where you like, choose your life partner or open your own business.
But can you actually say what you like or do whatever you want? Even if at the first sight it doesn’t look, you are not as free as you think, because there are certain limits. Some are constitutional and others are being imposed by you.
Here’s an example: You tell your wife or husband after 18 years that he or she is not the life partener you wanted. You can. But what’s next?

Our decisions are being influenced by something or someone?

Yes, they are. We are being influenced by parents, family, society. Mostly, the decisions we make are being influenced by our character, by our personality, by that part in us that remains a big mystery and that many of us don’t know.
Here’s another example: Many people answer “Very well” when they are being asked “How well do you know yourself”. “And what’s the percentage?”. “90%” people answer. People can answer anything, because they own the free will, but if they know themselves so well, why is that they’re not able to solve the problems they have? Here’s the big confusion for many of them.

Who creates our personality, our character?

The opinions are being spread. Some may say that personality is in the genetic code and other that God gives us character, talents and offers us life situations. Another theory is that related to reincarnation. According to this theory, life if being determined by the of cause and effect law.

What do Chinese think?

They say destiny represents predestination and free will, a combination between the 3 energies: from Earth, man and Sky. Chinese believe that destiny is determined by the first breath in the birth moment, or they way they would express themselves: “we inspire our Chi (energy) the moment we get born”.

What are the conclusions?

Before we actually pass to presenting the method “The fourth pillars of the Destiny”, we have presented to you some crucial things related to destiny and free will. Knowing very well these aspects of life you will be able to understand easier how much the Chinese astrology can help you and how logic it is. This means that the Chinese astrology defines very well the human being’s behavior.